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Girik Air is a company formed by aspiring pilots which deals in multiple tangents of aviation across the country. Based in heart of country, New Delhi primarily deals in Air Charters, Air Ambulance, Helicopter Charter, Ground Handling, Air Charter Permits, Operations, Trip Support, microlight flying.
Girik Air aims to break new frontiers in air spaces in India. While our current operations are focused on North India very soon our wings will spread to the East, West and South. Apart from air flying services we also have a team of specially trained professionals to provide total ground support by way of handling ground procedures, taking care of permits and maintenance for our own leased crafts as well as those of private operators as well as regular air carriers. Our services also cover purchase and sales of air crafts, an intricately complex matter that our experts resolve to perfection on behalf of our clients. Our other activities taking flight are training for pilots and software for the aviation industry.
Air Charter Services
Air-Ambulance Services
Helicopter Charter Services
Microlight Flying Services

Call us today at +91-11-4125-1839, +91-11-4125-1838
or Email us at ops@girikair.com

We strive to provide Our Customers with Top Notch Services to make their Air Experience Wonderful Contact Us

Girik Air Thinktank

Our Team Members who have contributed immensely to our Growth
John Doe

Parasdeep Singh

Operations Executive

Parasdeep could be called a “extra mile traveler”, Through his work dealing with clients has provided excellent sales service and also managing the complete program, Parasdeep provides a first stop for those looking for help.

Josh Clark

Manpreet Kaur

Sales Executive

Manpreet is brilliantly able to promptly resolve customer complaints and ensure maximum client satisfaction. She is a successful as a Sales associate who stays up-to-date with product features.

Mary Jane

Kartik Talwar

Business Development Manager

Kartik could be called a “resource navigator” or “nonprofit concierge.” Through his work managing the Staff & Business program, Kartik provides a first stop for nonprofits looking for help.

Mary Jane

Manashi Ghosh

Sales Executive

Manashi's responsibilities include working closely with customers to determine their needs, answer their questions about our products and recommend the right solutions. She Performas her duity with responsibility and sincereness.